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Handcrafted Rattan Fruit Basket - Home Décor Accent

Handcrafted Rattan Fruit Basket - Home Décor Accent
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Elevate Your Space with a Handcrafted Rattan Fruit Basket

Add a touch of elegance to your living room coffee table or kitchen countertop with our Rattan Fruit Basket. This exquisitely handwoven piece serves as both a practical organizer and a chic décor accent.

Timeless Elegance for Any Room

Expertly crafted with autumn rattan, our baskets exhibit a rich texture that complements any décor style—from rustic country to modern minimalist. Available in three sizes, these baskets cater to diverse storage needs while adding a harmonious appeal to your living space.

Tabletop Woven Organizer: More Than Just Looks

Functionality meets fashion with our Tabletop Woven Organizer. Beyond its beauty, this basket helps declutter your space, making it perfect for holding anything from fruits to small household items.

Decorative Storage Basket: Unleash Creativity

Transform any corner of your home with our Decorative Storage Basket. Use it to store goods, as a centerpiece for dining tables, or to hold decorative baubles. The versatility is endless, and it's all down to your imagination.

Product Features:

  • Elegant hand-woven design
  • Made from high-quality autumn rattan
  • Available in multiple sizes for any use
  • Fashionable, simple, and fits various home styles
  • Lightweight and durable

Product Highlights:

Material: Premium Autumn Rattan
Style: Fashionable, Versatile
Colors: Natural Rattan Hue
- Small: 20x20x7 cm
- Medium: 23x23x9 cm
- Large: 26x26x11 cm
Includes: 1 x Basket

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