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Sparq Mart

Efficient Toilet Cleaning Nozzle

Efficient Toilet Cleaning Nozzle
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Clean Effortlessly with the Toilet Cleaning Nozzle

Experience next-level cleanliness with the Sparq Mart Toilet Cleaning Nozzle. Our nozzle promises not just a pristine toilet but also transforms your bathroom routine with ease and efficiency.

Seamless Bathroom Routine

Equipped with ABS plastic and a linear water single-function plastic spray gun, our Easy Install Spray Gun is designed for seamless integration into your bathroom. The light gray panel adds a touch of sophistication, while the plating body ensures durability.

Complete Installation Kit

Your purchase comes with a full kit - an all-copper water separator, a 1.2M stainless steel braided explosion-proof hose, a convenient bracket, a hook, raw tape, and all the necessary screws for a quick and Easy Install Spray Gun setup.

Flexible Specifications for Any Home

The Sparq Mart Toilet Cleaning Nozzle comes in conventional and special European regulations, alongside US standards, ensuring a perfect fit for your home's specifications.

Features at a Glance

  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Single-function plastic spray gun
  • Elegant light gray panel
  • Long-lasting plating body
  • Hanging installation method
  • Inclusive installation kit

Product Specifications

Our product takes into account various global standards, presenting a versatile product fit for many homes. The A set adheres to European regulations with conventional specifications of 1/2", and special specifications are also offered. For American homes, the B set fits US regulations with a 7/8" specification.

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