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Premium iPhone 7 Plus Carbon Fiber Screen Protector

Premium iPhone 7 Plus Carbon Fiber Screen Protector
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Exceptional Clarity with iPhone Carbon Screen Protector

Welcome to unparalleled screen protection for your iPhone 7 Plus. Our iPhone carbon screen protector is not just an accessory; it's a necessity for the safety and longevity of your device. Crafted with precision, our protector aligns flawlessly with your iPhone, offering not just coverage but also the confidence of superior protection.

Durable Anti-Scratch Tempered Film

Every touch, tap, and scroll calls for a screen protector that endures. Our anti-scratch tempered film is the answer. This resilient shield is designed to resist scratches and marks that daily life may throw your way, ensuring your screen remains pristine and unscathed.

Ultimate Protection with Soft Edge Safety Glass

Protection should not come at the cost of your phone's aesthetic. Our soft edge safety glass not only guards against damage but also preserves the sleek profile of your iPhone. The carbon fiber material edges smoothly curve, eliminating any risk of chipping or cracking. It keeps dust and debris at bay, maintaining a clean and crisp display.

Elegant White Carbon Fiber Design

Innovation meets elegance with our sleek white carbon fiber protector. It's more than just a layer of security; it's a statement piece that complements your iPhone's design. With our protector, your phone is transformed into a beacon of contemporary design coupled with robust protection.

Effortless Installation with No Gaps or Ash

The fear of bubble-ridden screen protectors is a thing of the past with our easy-to-apply film. Say goodbye to gaps and ash after installation - our protector guarantees a smooth, flawless surface that aligns seamlessly with your phone’s screen.

No Deformation or Warping Over Time

We understand the investment you've made in your device. Therefore, our tempered film promises enduring quality that maintains its form without deformation or warping, regardless of how often you use your phone.

Upgraded Touch Sensitivity

Our screen protector doesn't compromise on touch responsiveness. Engineered for sensitivity, it ensures that every tap and swipe on your iPhone is as fluid and precise as intended, creating an interface that's responsive and intuitive.

  • Brand: Neutral
  • Color: White
  • Item No.: 1
  • Special tempering treatment for fragment resistance
  • Anti-scratch and explosion-proof benefits
  • Carbon fiber material with soft, non-chipping edges
  • Seamless fit with no gaps or leakage

Product Specifications and Highlights

Sparq Mart presents a breakthrough in screen protection technology with the Soft-edge Carbon Fiber Tempered Film – designed exclusively for iPhone 7 Plus. Keep your device safeguarded with a protector that promises strength, clarity, and precision, without hindering the tactile experience.

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